This week has been a bit of weird one. We’ve had lots of night wakings not just from our boy but from the fluffy ginger boy too (Simba our cat!), there has been illness, multiple phone interviews, birds poohing on bike jackets, unplanned website revamping and various new Virtual Assistant jobs starting. I feel a bit like I am one of those plate spinners and everything is about to come crashing down! Now let’s hope it doesn’t…..


I digress, now back to the point! Yesterday after school Thomas was most upset that we didn’t have any play dates planned – yes it has come to the point where mummy is just boring (I’m not crying – honestly!) – I had failed to make a booking in his social calendar so this was of course the end of the world. I suggested we play together but to this I was told – ‘We can watch Star Wars Rebels mummy – you like watching that with me!’ do I now! So the TV went on, boy was happy & I logged on and cracked on with some website amendments. 2 minutes later…. ‘mummy why aren’t you watching Star Wars with me, this bit is really good, you need to stop working!’.

hmmmmm anyone else out there know this feeling.. mummy guilt! Yes I am trying to work on my business from home, so I can be here with my son, yes I am working while you watch the TV…… hmmmm. Right then, laptop off.

‘Mummy isn’t so keen on watching TV shall we do some drawing?’ – we all talk about ourselves in the third person to our kids right?!

‘Lets do painting, you like painting mummy’- now you are talking. #happydance

So we got the paints out and had a lovely hour talking, creating some masterpieces and memories. Plus I felt that I was enough and that boring mum feeling drifted away.

What I did not expect was to create a new design for fabrose! Which is now loaded on Zippi and available for you to buy soon.

So the moral of the story for me……  inspiration comes when you least expect it, turn off the laptop and engage!

Zippi – Fabrose Portfolio


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